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Air Revolution - School Project

The OmniCompact Universal offers an exceptional and assured improvement in both Air Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality quotients. It is the ideal unit for in situ applications where people need to interact in close proximity to one another, ensuring a substantial reduction of airborne cross-infection, and additionally, if the general Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) requires to be improved and enhanced due to the presence of exogenous air contaminants and airborne particulate matter.

Application and Use Case Scenarios:

Homes and Hospitality:

Aged Care Facilities and Retirement Homes, Hotels and Residential Homes. Public


Restaurants, Retail Stores, Schools and Supermarkets.

Shared Environments:

Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, Client Service Desks, Retail Till Points, School Desks, Doctors & Dentist Waiting & Consulting Rooms, Elevators, Open Plan Of"ces, Personal Services Providers, Public Restrooms and many others.

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