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Air Revolution Technologies™ Air Hygiene Systems are capable of delivering superior, enhanced levels of Air Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Our Air Hygiene Systems encompass the application of a unique Air Safety Index (ASI) metric that is applicable and pertinent to all localised indoor environments where, situationally, people have to interact closely with other people. Under such circumstances it has now become operationally essential to introduce additional layers of effective protection against any potential acquisition of an airborne infection. Consequently, wherever and whenever there is a need to introduce an active and reliable risk-reduction intervention with regard to a substantial lessening of the potential for disease transmission in the public-space or in the work-place, then a scaled implementation of Air Revolution Technologies Air Hygiene Systems becomes the intelligent and affordable ‘go-to’ solution for enterprise-wide implementation.

The Company is committed to delivering, at scale, vastly improved levels of air hygiene and air quality within the workplace, within the learning environment, and indeed, also in the home, as the case may be. This is epitomized by the provision and application of a unique measure of the Air Safety Index (ASI) and the assessment of the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in any specific locality, both being able to be provided by Air Revolution Technologies™.

In order to meet the extensive and fast-growing demand, the Company now manufactures its products on a global basis in  via regionally-located manufacturing sites sited currently in South Africa, Europe and North America. Additional manufacturing sites are planned to come on-line in the near-term.

Air Revolution Technologies™ products and solutions straddle a very broad range of use-applications and are therefore presented to our a wide-ranging spectrum of user-customers via a bespoke network of company-approved, industry specific ‘channel partners’ and regionally-specific ‘independent sales agents’ globally. Please get in touch for a referral.

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